BIM as intended!

BIM4Buildings has been able to bring many different projects to a successful conclusion, read more about the great projects BIM4Buildings has been involved in below.

Foto: Würth Nederland
Foto: Würth Nederland

Wurth, 's Hertogenbosch

The new building, with a surface area of 842 m² and three floors, is part of the growth of Würth Netherlands. In recent years, the Dutch subsidiary of the German parent company opened several Würth Shops.

Foto's: Ector Hoogstad Architecten


SRON’s moving out. The headquarters of the Netherlands Institute for Space Research will be located on the Science Campus of Leiden University. In October 2019 the first pile was officially driven into the ground and the building can be occupied in 2021. We made extensive use of scan to BIM in this project.


vakantiewoninigen, Exloo

The ten person Heuvelrug villa has a unique character due to its hillside location. The spacious family villa has over three floors and has four comfortable bedrooms, a compact bed box and a modern wellness area. We worked on the 6,8 and 10 person villas.

Foto: B4B

Ridderspoorstraat, Rotterdam

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Foto: Uwoon

48 apartments, Harderwijk

With the plan of Uwoon there will be 48 new social rental apartments in Harderwijk. Half of the 48 apartments will be for clients who receive care or support from Careander. The remaining 24 apartments are available for regular social rent.


De Drie Hoefijzers, Breda

For the area a plan has been developed for about 270 new houses and apartments. In the direction of the station the atmosphere is more urban with high-rise buildings and towards the east, to the Doornboslaan, the three-storey houses connect to the existing environment.


Porteum College, Lelystad

As of the 2021-2022 school year, the doors will open to a brand new educational campus consisting of seven smaller buildings: three for the pre-vocational secondary school, three for the senior general secondary education (HAVO) / pre-vocational secondary education (VWO) and a cultural building.


Galaxy tower, Utrecht

At the head of the Jaarbeursterrein, Amrâth Hotels wants to build a 4-star hotel with about 250 rooms and about 350 houses.
Above the hotel will be 22 floors with apartments. The rental apartments are varied in design and size.


Abdijhof, Berkel Enschot

Abdijhof is part of Koningsoord: the new heart of Berkel-Enschot (municipality of Tilburg). Space is also luxury. Berkel-Enschot has everything that makes life pleasant: all amenities, many (sports) clubs and a real village centre with small and large shops! But also plenty of greenery, tranquility and recreation. Here you still have space around you. And yet close to Tilburg. Space to live, space to grow. For you, for your family. Kingsoord, where generous living and rich life meet each other.


De Driemaster, Leiderdorp

Housing corporation Rijnhart Wonen and Ballast Nedam West are building 98 rental homes on the corner of Engelendaal and Vronkenlaan. On this spot where De Driemaster primary school used to be, there will be two residential buildings. 


Holland Casino, Utrecht

On the corner of the Merwedekanaal and the Winthontlaan the new building for Holland Casino will be realized. The building consists of a parking garage of approx. 20,000 m2, a casino building of approx. 10,000 m2 with an entrance, gaming rooms, public areas and external catering facilities of approx. 600 m2.


Isabellaveld, Vught

Living in Isabellaveld is more than green living, it’s also central living. On the northern edge of Vught, near Den Bosch and the highways. The entrance to Vught, close to the Stadhouderspark and on the other side of Fort Isabella. It is more than green living, it is very green living near the outskirts of Gement and the Bossche Broek.


VMBO Boerhaavelaan, Leiden

The new building of the VMBO Boerhaavelaan secondary school in Leiden brings together regular and special education. The school offers education to approximately 650 pupils. The building consists of three storeys, including theory and practice rooms, learning squares, two gymnasiums, music rooms and an auditorium. The floors are connected to each other by means of voids, giving the building an open appearance.


Eerbeekse Enk, Eerbeek

In Eerbeek, the construction of 28 rental homes has started, commissioned by Veluwonen. These are the houses on Volmolenweg, Poelkampstraat, Enkweg and Kloosterstraat. The old houses have been demolished and are making way for sustainable new construction. A total of 6 blocks of terraced houses will be built at the various locations.


IKC De Sprong, Leeuwarden

Children make the future together, so it is important that they are able to develop well. Commissioned by the Bishop Möller Foundation (BMS) we are building a new building for IKC De sprong in Leeuwarden. The new children’s centre will provide space for approximately 390 children between the ages of 0 and 12. There will be space available for primary education but also for child care. The building has a large size of 2,100 m2 GLA.


OBS Togtemaarschool, Bedum

With the new building, the school is ready for the future. Because it is possible to connect classrooms, the growth and shrinkage of the number of students can be accommodated and there is also flexibility to work with different groups. Parts of the building can also be rented out to third parties, while the smaller school remains a pleasant school with its own facilities.

Foto: Marquart Architecten

Kloostercomplex, Dongen

The Maria-Oord Monastery in Dongen, later also called the Terebint House, was recently rebuilt for the fourth time in the rich history of the building. Since this summer, instead of nuns who need rest or medical care, there are people who suffer from dementia. The new owner, care organization Stepping Stones, left the renovation and furnishing as usual to Geesink Weusten Architects from Arnhem.


Havenkwartier, Deventer

The location, the Havenkwartier, is a nice place for students to live. It is a 100 year old former inner harbour area (near the Saxion University of Applied Sciences), where a redevelopment has been going on for quite some time. The old port buildings include creative entrepreneurs and a thriving food court, and the entire area has a lot to offer in the fields of art, culture and the hospitality industry.