Our vision:

How do we see BIM?

For us, BIM means: sharing information within an integrated team to provide insight into space, time, risks and costs. BIM thus generates value from the combined efforts, input and cooperation of people, processes and technology. BIM unlocks information so that it can always be accessed and used in all phases of the project.

This includes a system in which System Engineering is embedded in the process.

With BIM there is always up-to-date information available with regard to planning, costs, design, realization, risks, progress, maintenance, management, validation, verification, traceability, requirements etc.

As a result, there is a “building” to which a, preferably semantic, database is linked with all the information needed for design, validation, realisation, commissioning and operation. This information is centrally managed, available everywhere and up-to-date. And also forms the basis of the building specification document.

Basic workprocess

For a good and efficient cooperation we made a video of our basic working process. Watch the video below for more information.